Frequently Asked Questions

a. How do we know the AlexOtti2023 Mobile App is approved and not a scam?

The leaders of various support groups in the AlexOtti Movement, will publicly confirm the authenticity of the App. This will be done through the press media and social media.

b. Will you be sharing users’ data with anyone?

No, users’ data will not be shared with anyone and data is encrypted. No copy of the database will be shared with other parties.

c. Is the AlexOtti App available in the Apple Store?

Yes. Version 1.0 for iOS users is planned for release in the coming weeks.

a. How can I register my group on the App?

Registration of groups can be done via the 

b. Must my group be approved by the AlexOtti campaign before I register the group on the App?

Groups do not need to be approved by the AlexOtti campaign before being created on the App but a group MUST be vetted before funds are released to any group.

c. What is the difference between a Group and a chapter?

Simply put, groups operate in Nigeria, carrying out grassroot activities and they receive donations for their events. Chapters can be located anywhere in the world and they make donations to events. For more details about differences between groups and chapters, please watch this video.

d. My group is not in Nigeria, can we register on the App?

Groups need to have representation and coordinators on ground in Nigeria, at levels of State, Local Government, Wards and Polling Units. Group events need to be in Nigeria to sensitize and mobilize people on the ground.

e. People have donated to my group’s events on the App, how do we access the funds?

Contact the AlexOtti campaign via our contact page

f. I registered a support group, but it is not showing in the App, why?

Group details should reflect in the App within 48 hours of registration. For enquiries regarding Groups not showing after 48 hours, contact us via our contact page

g. My group created an event but we cannot find it on the App, why?

Once events are submitted from the web portal or in App form, it takes between 1 min to 24 hours to reflect on the app. Please contact us if your event is yet to show 24 hours after submission.

h. Can I belong to a group and a chapter at the same time?

Yes, you can belong to a single group and numerous chapters simultaneously.

a. How can I register a chapter?

Go to main menu of the website to register your chapter. Chapters will reflect in the App 24 hours after registration. Click on this link to get instructions and videos about creating a chapter on the App.

b. Can a chapter receive donations?

No. A chapter can donate to an event or a support group. Chapters do not create events or conduct grassroot operations, hence they cannot receive donations. Chapters sponsor the work, Groups execute the work.

c. How can I find my chapter in the App?

Every user on the App is automatically added onto their State Chapter and Local Government Chapter. This is seen when you click on the menu bar. Users can find and join other chapters, by clicking on the large red search icon next to their local government chapter icon.

d. What is the difference between a group and a chapter?

Simply put groups are on ground in Nigeria and they receive donations for their events. Chapters can be located anywhere and they make donations to events. For more details about differences between groups and chapters, please watch this video.

a. Will users on the App be getting reports showing how much was donated and how donations are spent?

Yes, on the 7th day of each month, starting November 7th, we will publish a monthly report showing total donation inflows and outflows. The report will be accessible under the menu section of the App / website.

b. What happens if I donate funds but I don’t select or write the event ID or Group ID?

Any donation without a Group name or group ID or Event ID will go into a general poll of funds. Funds in the general poll will be allocated as directed by the leadership of The Big Tent and all Support Groups. To ensure your donations are disbursed to the intended Support Group or Event, ensure to state the Group Name or Group ID or Event ID when sending your donations.

c. What happened if I donate funds but I don’t select or write my chapter name?

Your donation will be categorized under “No Chapter”.

d. I live outside Nigeria, can I make a donation?

Yes you can, via bank details provided in the app.

e. I want to donate to a specific group, how do I do this on the App or website?

Under the Donate / Engage section you will find access to “Donate to a Support Group”, here you will find the list of all support groups and their IDs

f. Who receives the funds donated on the App?

Donations go to a central escrow account operated by the AlexOtti Movement and representatives of the Support Groups. Donations are subsequently disbursed from the Escrow account to the target support groups, as indicated by donors.

g. I live outside Nigeria, is it legal for me to donate through the AlexOtti2023 App?

Yes, donating to the different support groups through the App or website is not legal. The support groups and the AlexOtti Movement is NOT a political party.

h. Is there a limit to the amount I can donate on the App?

No, there is no limit to how much can be donated because this platform is neither a political party or a campaign organization.

a. Can anyone create an event?

Only group leaders and group coordinators (State, Local Government, ward and polling unit) can create events because events must be promoted by a specific group.

b. How can I create an event?

Event creation forms are available in the Group portal on the website (

c. Must my event ask for donations and volunteers?

No, you can create events without requesting for donations or volunteers.

d. How long are events published on the App?

Events stay published on the App for as long as the event budget is less than amount donated OR 12 weeks, whichever comes first.

a. The App shows that donations have been made to my Group and events, how do we access these funds?

kindly contact the AlexOtti movement via their contact page