About Dr. Alex Otti

Alex Otti (born 18 February 1965) is a Nigerian economist, banker, investor, philanthropist and politician. Otti is the former Group Managing Director of Diamond Bank Plc, a leading retail financial institution in Nigeria. Otti is a gubernatorial candidate of Abia State on the platform of Labour Party for 2023.

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The Journey So Far


mission & vision

Our mission

To establish a responsive, efficient and accountable government that will
sustainably develop Abia State for the welfare, security, and progress of
all Abians.

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Electricity, Infrastructure, Innovation, Technology

Imagine the economic development in and around Aba with steady power supply; all within our mission of achieving sustainable development
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Agro-Industry development for domestic markets and exports

We will provide employment; Reduce food costs and result in a financial cost saving to consumers
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Women and Youth skills development

We will offer skills training to our women and youth in order to better equip them in technology and small business development

Everything that becomes true starts with a manifesto



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Alex Otti

As someone who started out under modest circumstances but has through scholastic distinctions and hard work secured several achievements and reached the pinnacle of banking, Dr. Alex Otti embodies a unique story of inspiration, grit, determination, discipline and countless blessings. 


The foundation for his education and early indicators of the stellar brilliance of Dr. Otti’s were evident in his primary and high school records in Ngwa land where he was born and raised

mission & vision

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