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Abia State Governor, Dr. Alex Otti, OFR, on Sunday visited the section of Ahia Ohuru (New Market) at Ngwa Road, Aba, which was gutted by fire Saturday night.

Governor Otti headed straight to the market after worshiping at the Methodist Church, Wesley Cathedral, Aba, where he joined the congregation at the Annual Covenant Thanksgiving Service.

He frowned at the poor condition of the structures housing the market stalls, saying that the condition of the buildings and their layout pose great threat to lives and not fit for human activities.

Consequently, the Governor, who was accompanied by his wife, Mrs. Priscilla Otti; the Chief of Staff, Dr. Caleb Ajagba; Mayor of Aba South, Chief Uche Wogu; and some other officers of the state and market executives, promised to engage with the traders through the market leadership to, first, relocate them to a temporary site, rebuild the place and bring them back.

“First of all, this place is not worthy for anyone to stay. All these places. This (the structure) will soon cave in. So, what we need to do is engage the market leadership. All these buildings need to go down from A to Z. So we can relocate them to a temporary place and rebuild here, then they come back, the Governor said.

He added: “Modern market shouldn’t be like this, they (the traders) need help. A fire truck can’t even enter here, so we should have that in mind when we are planning.”

Turning to the Chairman of the market, the Governor enquired how long the structure had been in existence to which the Chairman, Mr. Uchekwukwu Anyanwu replied, “over 30 years”. According to Anyanwu, most of the structures were not meant for multiple floors but traders started converting them to multi-storey buildings.

Governor Otti directed the leadership of the market to liaise with the local government chairman to engage with the Greater Aba Development Authority (GADA) to discuss how to fix the market and come back to him.

“So you work together and come back to me on what I will need to engage with the market people. First of all, there must be somewhere to relocate them to, then you bring the entire place down and we rebuild and they will come back. There should be proper ventilation,” he instructed.

The Mayor of Aba South attributed the poor condition of the buildings and structural arrangement of shops in the market to lack of proper planning and the use of substandard materials in building the shops.

Nwahiwe Chinonyerem Cleverson
Information Officer
Government House Press

      • I am writing to convey my heartfelt appreciation for your outstanding leadership and the remarkable impact you’ve had on our beloved state. Your unwavering commitment to the welfare and progress of Abia has not gone unnoticed, and it is with immense gratitude that I extend my thanks.

        Your visionary initiatives and strategic policies have transformed various sectors, creating a positive ripple effect that resonates throughout the community. From infrastructure development to healthcare advancements, your administration has consistently demonstrated a genuine concern for the well-being of the people.

        The transparent and accountable governance you have championed has instilled a sense of confidence and pride among the citizens. Your accessibility and responsiveness to the needs of the people have further strengthened the bond between the government and the governed.
        In times of challenges, your resolute decision-making and proactive approach have showcased effective leadership. Your ability to navigate complex issues and prioritize the interests of the state reflects a profound dedication to public service.

        Abia State has experienced remarkable progress under your stewardship, and the positive transformation is evident in the improved quality of life for residents.
        As we witness the tangible outcomes of your administration, it is clear that your vision for a prosperous and thriving Abia is becoming a reality.

        On behalf of the citizens who benefit from your dedicated service, I extend sincere gratitude for the positive impact you’ve made. May your continued leadership bring forth even greater achievements and advancements for Abia State.

        With utmost appreciation.

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